Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery

on Friday, June 6, 2008


I've just printed my offer letter to Kuantan Campus. My four eyes caught the sentence "Congratulations! We have the pleasure to inform you that the University has decided to offer you admission into the Bachelor's degree programme in MEDICINE AND SURGERY". My heartbeat increased. Am I really going to do this?? Am I really sure about this? Ya Allah, please give me strength..

I always remember when I was really small. The time when I'd just known the simple and the basis of life. The time when I just knew how to speak and understand other's words. I did understand when Abah said at that time, "Fatimah…become a doctor". After taking my bath, I asked Abah to dry my curly hair and he said, "Fatimah..become a doctor". After sending me to my kindergarten, "Fatimah..become a doctor". I just replied "alright".. During the time at primary school and secondary school, doctor was my ambition. At heart, inside my heart, I kept murmuring "what is so special with the "doctor"? Am I going to be very rich as a doctor?

A captured image from my favourite Japanese Drama "Team Medical Dragon"

Once, I hated biology. I hated memorizing the the details about the process of life. It is unseen. I can’t prove myself whether it is all true or not. But I loved physic. I become interested in my physic teachers, Cikgu Nafisah, Cikgu Muhammad (Educare Study Centre), Cikgu Harun (Pusat Tuisyen Dinamis). They taught me the reality of this physical world which I experience and prove it in my everyday life. It is very interesting. I loved helping my classmate in physics. I liked teaching them physics because I thought I have the better understanding in physics. During SPM, I was very confident to get high mark for physic although everyone kept saying that it was very tough. However, once the result was out, I was very shocked to get A1 in my other science subjects except for my physics. Why? Why? (It is Allah's plan)

During my foundation study at CFS IIUM, I learned almost the same thing as in my secondary school. Until then, I realized, my interest in physic always make me think the concept the other way around and I always mistakenly judge the concept. So, I can't score in my physic like in my secondary school anymore. What about my biology? I studied biology forcefully without interest, but Alhamdullillah, I can score for my biology better than my physics. Therefore, I think, if I can score studying without interest, what if I study with interest? I think the result will be better. I am destined to do Medicine and Surgery now, and what is the meaning of studying medicine and surgery without any interest? It is surely a waste. There are lots of people who want to do Medicine but they don't have the opportunity. I don't want to be an ungrateful servant of Allah. I don't want to.. I don't want to..

So, what's up now? I'm grateful and thankful for this opportunity. What are my next steps? ---->to be continued